Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Crochet

Usually when you think of crochet you think of granny squares from 70s.
Now a days crochet has come along way with the Japanese crochet art of Amigurumi.At the moment I am making a wedding gift for friends from the book "Creepy,Cute Crochet" by Christen Haden.
Its an amazing book filled with Zombies,skeletons,knights and devils.
So as of recently I have been searching ravelry,etsy and many craft blogs for my top three creepy crocheted or knitted patterns/items.

#3. Pyramid Head from Silent Hill

For those who don't know who or what the hell this is...allow me to educate you. Silent Hill is a survival-horror video game about a player/character looking for his wife in the town of silent hill. Pyramid Head stalks the player and does a whole mess of other things to other monsters and characters in the game.

#2 Sam from the movie Trick'r'Treat

Sam is a crossed between "little big planets sack boy" character and one pissed off little trick or treater.pattern

#1 Bloody Choker by theblueviolet

$15.00 @ her etsy