Sunday, February 6, 2011

Craft word of the month:

Craft binge-noun
1. a period or bout, usually brief, of excessive indulgence crafting.

Krista couldn't sleep so she spent all morning on a craft binge. of now (1:53) is still on one. Its now my second trip to the craft store and here is some best advice I can give anybody. DON'T GO TO THE CRAFT STORE ON SUNDAY! Its just a bad idea because there are hoards of people. Not to forget mean old ladies giving you the stink eye because you walk in with black clothing and a shirt with skulls & cross bones on it. Yet you somehow always meet them in the line at the register as they take FOREVER to buy fake flowers and fumble with a check book or money(think 1,000 pennies or writing the check out in roman numerals).
Yes I know I'm an evil person for making fun of old ladies but I have my reasons and I don't deserve dirty looks just because I rock my alternative style.
So on a brighter note!
I've been making Day of the dead mask and trying my hand at the find art of paper mache.So look forward to more pictures and I maybe starting a feature local artist post every month.