Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Job and summer time peach preserves.

So this month has been a hectic one at that. I started my new job and the first week I had to go to another shop because it was very stressful and not a place for me.
I'm in the process of waiting on training to start and just praying that each day does not suck.
My daughter had a birthday and we decided to just make a dinner date of it at Rain Forest Cafe instead of wasting money on a big party since most of her friends go out of town during the summer.
The summer weather in my neck of the woods(San Antonio,TX) has been triple digit days and 80 degree nights. Like they say it's not the heat that will kill you it's the humidity. So I'm looking forward to autumn when the time comes. I have made two new animal friends that have come into my life one a famale rat terrier with a special leg we are getting fixed and the other a black male kitten named Dexter.
We spayed Lana last month and when the time comes we will take in Dexter to have his Ornaments removed. So far things have been hard at times but I have been keeping my head up and moving on.
The wonderful things I like about Summers is going to Corpus Christi where my Aunt lives and the peach tree in our front yard had bloomed and peached were in the process of dropping in.

As you can see there is a 2 X 4 holding up one of the branches because the tree had bloomed a higher amout of peaches year because of the non-stop rain the month before.

This resulting in pruning the tree almost each week and bringing in one large bowl of peaches.
The biggest challenge was what to do with the box full of peaches I had sitting in my kitchen. I thought about making pie but I had remember a few years back my Mother had made a few pies and freezed the rest of the peaches taking up lots of space in the freezer. This resulted in freezer burn and wasting them in the end. I finally got the idea to preserve them and went all out in the process.

The Kerr company makes a wonderful starter kit that comes with all the odd hard to find tools included like the jar funnel,large tongs and magnetic lid lifters.
I had picked this up along with a box of mason jars,a package of lemons,two boxes of cirto and sugar.
Once I came home I was a preserve factory I had went through every youtube video out there on how to cook and bottle the jars.
Keep in mind you will be using almost every large pot in your kitchen and being very careful not to burn yourself. Think of  it as surgery in the kitchen with mason jars.
In the long run from what we got from the tree in all I had made six large jars and two small jars of peach preserves some with a small amount of blueberries and the others just plain peaches.
So far I plan to give a few away to my family and friends and keep a few for winter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Giveaway Time! Twinkie Chan Power Pack!

It's pretty random if I enter into a giveaway but you know what they say when in rome.
If you remember a post I did awhile back on what to get your crocheter or knitter for Christmas I mentioned an amazing book by Twinkie Chan. Well Twinkie has graced us with a wonderful giveaway.
I highly suggest you enter!
Enter now!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My entry for the 2012 Sugar slam

Yesterday night I got a wild hair up my ass to bake something. The coolest person ever runs this wonderful kick ass blog called bake and destroy and each year she has a baking/cooking wrestling theme compition called Sugar slam. I highly recommend that you enter and have fun.
My submission is something I thought of while waiting in line to see the new Avengers movie.
So I had spent the good part of my day dragging my daughter and other half around northeast San Antonio picking up cake mix,icing and food coloring.
So once dinner was out of the way(my daughter having her popcorn shrimp likes she always ask for and my boyfriend and I making salon burgers....soooo good) I told everybody the kitchen was off limits which wasn't a problem since the spurs game was on. I mixed my cake mix and separted it into four bowls.
Started coloring them in Ultimate warrior colors orange on the bottom,yellow,pink and neon green to top it off. Baked at 400* degrees for 20-22 min.*Did the toothpick test to make sure they were ready.
I learned a few tips on how to ice the top from the youtube Nerdy Nummies.
So finally once my frosting was cooled I started working with pondent and if you don't know what that's alot like edible clay. It's a type of almond paste that can be made or bought. Comes in a million colors and can be cut,molded or designed anyway you want it. I traced with a toothpick the detail of the mask and layed it on the cupcake then I topped it off with black & while icing for the eyes. After this project I don't think I want to see another cupcake as long as I live.
It still was fun to do and I hope the judges like my entry.
As you can see everything had to have the ultimate warrior colors on it. Untitled
The plate was my mother's I had found and decided to use.
So wish me luck because I might not want to do this for awhile now heehee!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Skull appreciation day 2012: Beginners mosaics-Skull

So you wanna get into mosaics? Well I'm gonna be honest if you are willing to get messy and be willing to wait a day or two for it to dry then you are in luck.

What you will need:
Now craft stores have this wonderful thing of over charging for basic materials you can get at your local hardware store for less. I only advise that you read the labels and do a practice run before committing to working on any project. Which will save you from a headache.The videos below are basic ground rules on how to apply the glass or ceramic and clean up the finished project.

What to get at the craft store: *wood tile or wood cut out *glass & ceramic cutter *glass,ceramic squares(or pieces of glass or ceramic from left over dishes that you can take a hammer to at home).
What you can get at the hardware store: *wood finish(little 8oz can for $2) *Acrylpro tile adhesive or liquid nails with a tube gun) *Pre-mixed grout(comes in a million colors for $8) * 1 spreading tool * 1 paint brush for wood stain
What to get at the store * 2 sponges * plastic gloves * face mask and safety goggles *plastic bowl for mosaic use only

Step 1:
First things first paint your stain onto the wood. After it drys start using your adhesive by applying it or spreading it on the wood.
Don't forget your gloves and mask.
Step 2:
Now apply your pieces and if you need to cut your square a certain way use your tool on the ends of the pieces like so. Trust me if you use the tool in the middle you won't cut your square it will just hurt your hands.

Now here is the video from expert village on how to apply the pieces and the lady that does it almost sounds like a yoga teacher so I feel like I should be meditating or doing some pretzel move. Now coming back to the project arrange them the way you want it. So in my case I made a skull.
Step 3: After your adhesive is dry now it's time to apply the grout using your sponge. Once your grout is applied and has dryed it is time to clean up with the other sponge and water. Go over lightly and all the loose debree will come off.

I know it's late but here is the blog roll.

Here are the other blogs apart of the smeared ink blog hop for Skull Appreciation Day. I will post later my basic mosaic tile and how to get started.

Black Dragon

Lady Brayton
Smudger Challenge
Glittery Katie
Ms. Ruin
Bombshell Stamps Blog
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Scrapbook Stamp Society

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quilting (The next step).

Through the years I always admired the fine art of quilting but always thought of it as to be an old lady hobby. Since becoming a knitter I now understand that age doesn't matter to this art forum.
So I am making it my duty to start one project for my daughter since over the years I have saved almost every cute onies she has. I've been looking for youtube videos for the simplest design of knitting.

Christian Tamez is amazing! So with this new knowlegde in hand and when I will be finished with my "Nikki" quilt. I'm looking forward to doing these types next.

                                                   and these awesome pillows by

So if your starting out like me for those who are about to quilt I salute you.

My Aunt's Stain glass video

She made the project for two of her friends that lost their Mother this year.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Community Garage Sale!(Battle cry)

Today was legit with Manuel trimming the giant hedge in the front. We started to get hungry so we headed out to our favorite mexican restaurant a long the way we found the new location for the farmer's market infront of the texas thift store off of 35. Bought some free range eggs since Manuel dropped mine and our dog tried to run off with one in his mouth.
A long with some tiny tomatoes for my future salad. Manuel had mentioned that there was a community garage sale in the area and he wanted to check it out since Saturdays are the main day a lot of people start selling.

Sorry Jar Jar.

beaver mug

red neck boston terrier

Total haul:
(1) pair of girls shorts $1
(1)Zhu Zhu skateboard and U-turn $3(Thanks Mom)
(1)Vintage clue game
(1)Wii gun controller
(1)air wick freshmatic with batteries
(1)dangling skull
(1)lizard tank(for our crabs...heehee) $2
and a bunch of Day of the dead banners(which I'm shocked they were at a Methodist church sale).

This weekend is for deals.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Come celebrate skull appreciation day

I stumbled upon this and am down to celebrate with a blog hop. I will be posting a beginners guild to a skull mosaic project.
Photobucket stay tuned! -CM

Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art: Skull Appreciation Day 2013

Skull Appreciation Day Mail Art: Skull Appreciation Day 2013: There's still time to send a piece of Skully Mail Art to this year's exhibition. Check details here.

Link Page up and running.

Since Blogger updated a lot of stuff on the dashboard I must admit it was a little scary trying to figure it out. But Now I have finally seen the light  and added a pretty sweet link page.
So If you don't know the wonderful blogs,communities and people out there already then please by all mean check them out.

Edit: I will Most likely add more links later on tonight since I have to update my resume at the moment.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend wrap up!

Hello all out there in Cyberland. It is I and yes I'm alive after the weekend that would never end. So let's recap shall we....

Friday: Was filled with non-stop pre-mother's day gift making and getting things ready for art slam. Staying up late baking cups & plates (actually one plate)as well as crocheting potholders.I'm a little bunted out on Star Wars for now.
Saturday: I dropped off my daughter at my Mother's house since they haven't spent anytime with each other since she got out of the hospital. My Aunt was staying over from Corpus Christi so she could fix up her resume and spend Mother's day with my Grandmother.After that we hauled butt over to our local Olive Garden to eat soup,salad and breadsticks.Almost forgetting about the time we headed out and loaded the van. Only to keep forgetting random things a long the way and turning around to get them. Keep in mind the trick to attending events is to be on time. Which we weren't :( So we managed to find a good spot.I sold almost everything except one cup and of course the plate and had way too much fun.
Sunday: was not a fun day. I woke up hungover from the $4 pabst blue ribbon in the giant cans. I'm not kidding it was like two beers in one. Once again headed out the door to my Mother's house a long the way eating tacos. Now I must clean the house,DVR Game of thrones,Print out more resumes and get ready for tomorrow. So for now I bring you pictures of Art Slam as soon as I edit my video.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in garage sale valley

The Gods must have been smiling down on the people in my neighborhood last weekend because this whole week the weather has been pure nasty. Thunder,lighting and rain in non-stop motion since yesterday. So to top it off with animal/child cabin fever which is driving me crazy and the annoyance of just moping the entire house the night before only to have doofy dog and random nameless people I live with tracking in mud it looks like I will have to wait it out until I either buy new mats for the floors or it stops raining. But enough about my cleaning fopar this post is about my wonderful weekend with my significant other in our adventure in endless garage sales in our neck of the woods.
Friday: Started out like any other except Manuel had a day off and I had sent him out for tacos after I had come back from dropping off Nikki at school. Apparently on his way back Manuel started seeing garage sale signs every block he passed.
To my knowledge the neighborhood association and the city has an annual spring garage sale drive where residents don't have to pay a license fee. Hence the start of a weekend of awesomeness after we ate and hopped into our minivan.

Total plunder of the day
(1) ceramic skull(halloween decor"regular decor for me") (1) white cupboard w/towel rack(for daughter's bathroom) (1) ne how ki lan doll in box(regular price $25.99)

Saturday: On this day almost every street had a garage sale. Some even had between three/two sales on the same street. It was wonderful but the weather was crazy from going from normal cool to muggy hot(typical San Antonio weather).
Total plunder of the day
(3)purple large cooking bowls
(1)halloween skull place mat
(1)book on quilting
(1)reader's digest big book on sewing
(4) sets of crochet hooks
(1) 5xl button up shirt for my Uncle($1)
(1)hungry hungry hippos game
(1)fish game(needs batterys)
(1)orange and black zigzag afghan
(1) $3 pair of slip on vans with pink flamingos
(1)green mexican blanket for dog kennel
(1)grill brush
(1)100 foot tape measure
(1)stuff animal dog(that Nikki got for a dollar plus a book on dogs the lady gave her)
(1)giant wood coffee table with draws(which will be sanded with the rest of the furniture in a future post) $7

As you can tell Saturday was a good day. So with all the stuff we bought our next post is about all the project to come out of this one.

NOTE: I will most likely be reminded by my significant other on what other stuff we bought and will have to update through out the day.

The great job search of 2012.

My graduation came and went so now my next step is to find a job. By far this is not an easy task at that. I have applied at some of the best salons and in hopes that they take pitty on my soul and hire me. The hard part is they want to see how good you are behind the chair. Everyone who attends Cosmetology school knows that this is just a minor education and that you don't really learn anything until you get out there in the field. So I am still very awkward to the whole new envoirment and work setting. Every salon is different and so are the work ethics. So in the time being I have been updating my resume and making a list of salons I want to visit and apply too once this horrible weather clears up. I had to take a week off of searching in order to get my life organized which means nuetar and spay both dogs,attend Nikki's ARD meeting,Catch up on my spring cleaning and last but not least help my Mother with her house after she got out of the hospital. But in hopes there will be some fun this weekend with my vending gig at the White Rabbit for Attack of the Art Slam the day after I will have Mother's looming over me as well as helping my Aunt with her resume. In All any good vibe coming my way is a godsend and in hopes find my ideal job.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pretty flowers

It's pretty odd for me when i say that I never showed an interest in gardening. My Mom learned from her Mother on how to take care almost every plant. A natural green thumb she would rescue the plants my friend's mother would kill. Until now I surprised my boyfriend with a purchase of marigold seeds. I've always had a love affair with the orange flower. So I'm taking into myself to start a small marigold collection along with my small house plant that I refer to my buddy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So what&apos;s going on with you?

Oh my has been one crazy busy ride during 2011-2012. But it's been a good one to me. I started school last year and learned to be on my feet more. My daughter started a new school as well. My boyfriend Manuel finally learned a big lesson on the financial aspect of life but has less stress now. I started a diet and so far lost a whopping 12lbs and 50 more lbs to go. We plan to move out after school so I can finally be on my own. It's a busy busy world for me but I'm taking it on.