Monday, October 12, 2009

A knitting challenge!

Last year I took on a challenge to make twenty beanies by the end of the year. I did infact conquer it but haven't gotten around to giving away the beanies so for now until I have the free time they are in a box in my studio waiting for that day.At the moment I'm only focusing on one small challenge and its only one beanie(Thank god). My friend Art had asked me if I could knit or crochet anything? I told him if there is a pattern for it I'm sure it can be done.
You see Mr.Rios is into video games and he plays a character with a very cool looking beanie. Its been a million years since I picked up a controller. I use to have a super nintendo that came with super mario brothers. I also loved playing sonic the hedge hog on saga as well but I lost interest when I got out of junior high. I soon discover that alot of knitters are into video games as well.

So Art sends me a few pictures and it took me a few seconds to look over them and study the beanie. So here it is what its suppose to look like.

But I did hit a road block with the choice of yarn. In the beginning I had picked out sock yarn that was not working well with a beanie.
So I dug around my stash and low and behold I found some leftovers.
The red yarn is thick and perfect I only used a small amount so there was enough.
The yellow was also scarps from the lucha mask I had knitted from the son of a stitch in bitch book.
So we are running on good progress and I give myself until the end of the month to be done with this.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot Topic taking a cue from crafters

I don't hate Hot topic I just know you can get the same stuff for cheaper.

Two bows $8
But if you head on over and check out my friend Lucy Von Hot most of the bows are $4.Not just bows and jewelry can be sold for more but since the winter season is just around the corner. Alot of knitted or crochet items are being mass produced and over priced as well.
Instead of paying $29.99 the pattern can be found on the web for free. Head pieces like the picture below are also sold for more then $20 but with the power of the glue gun you can make it.