Friday, March 18, 2011

knit,purl,knit, pearl brewery project with the yarn dawgs,

A few weeks ago I had met with Dino,Cros and Billy of the knitting graffit/rap group yarn dawgs outside La Gloria restaurant to contribute to the up and coming project in front of the Pearl Brewery.
Due to sickness I could only make three, two were used and #3 had a untimely demise with ink and was soon discarded.
We had put them up early then our original date a week or so before at 9pm on a windy night along Grayson street.
If you don't know about Grayson street its bests known for most notable landmarks such as Sam's Burger Joint,Nightmare on Grayson,tacoland and the pearl brewery.
A photojournalist came out from the Express News to ask questions and take pictures.
I wasn't sure if they would make it onto the website or paper but today I was happy to find a link. With this fun project up and out of the way I am teaming up with Brandy owner of B.Link designs for the international yarn bombing day on June 11,2011.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't cover the entire sign and/or any information but only the pole itself. I encourage everybody even if your a beginner to make a swatch and put it up on this day.

Finding the time.

Oh man I've been busy with school and of course neglecting the blog(sorry).
School has been handing my ass to me instead of derby.
Can't find the time to attend a speed class or skate at the rink because I have been spending 10-11 hour days cutting hair inside of a classroom.
I've been hell bent on getting out of the classroom and getting onto the salon floor since day one and focus on my g.p.a as well.
Until my two years are up I hope to pass with flying colors.
I'm still crafting but I've only stuck to crochet/knitting and a small amount of jewelry making. I plan to make my whole shop skull themed.
But stay tuned I am a craft reviewing machine with alot of free time during the night to get the word out.

Its a AlabamSlama!