Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well Damn if I do and damn if I don't.

Yes I know I am bad for not updating. Thats why a blog ring had to let me go because I didn't update. I have been super busy with DIY Factory stuff.
If I haven't mentioned The DIY Factory before then allow me to educate you on what it is. Unlike your Grandma's craft shows we do not use the work craft show.
Well only to the people that don't understand me. The DIY Factory is a yearly event to celebrate indie designers,artists,and crafters alike in the San Antonio area.
This is our second time around so we are going all out.
Last year all I did was mess with musicians and sell items from my shop but now I have taken on being one of the many designers for the fashion show,Pick and pull together a craft to do for the make-n-take table and still help musicians as well.
Its alot on my plate but it makes me feel happy to see people showing up.
The DIY Factory Myspace page

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