Friday, March 18, 2011

knit,purl,knit, pearl brewery project with the yarn dawgs,

A few weeks ago I had met with Dino,Cros and Billy of the knitting graffit/rap group yarn dawgs outside La Gloria restaurant to contribute to the up and coming project in front of the Pearl Brewery.
Due to sickness I could only make three, two were used and #3 had a untimely demise with ink and was soon discarded.
We had put them up early then our original date a week or so before at 9pm on a windy night along Grayson street.
If you don't know about Grayson street its bests known for most notable landmarks such as Sam's Burger Joint,Nightmare on Grayson,tacoland and the pearl brewery.
A photojournalist came out from the Express News to ask questions and take pictures.
I wasn't sure if they would make it onto the website or paper but today I was happy to find a link. With this fun project up and out of the way I am teaming up with Brandy owner of B.Link designs for the international yarn bombing day on June 11,2011.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't cover the entire sign and/or any information but only the pole itself. I encourage everybody even if your a beginner to make a swatch and put it up on this day.

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Karen said...

oh, yess! I can't wait for the eleventh!