Thursday, June 7, 2012

My entry for the 2012 Sugar slam

Yesterday night I got a wild hair up my ass to bake something. The coolest person ever runs this wonderful kick ass blog called bake and destroy and each year she has a baking/cooking wrestling theme compition called Sugar slam. I highly recommend that you enter and have fun.
My submission is something I thought of while waiting in line to see the new Avengers movie.
So I had spent the good part of my day dragging my daughter and other half around northeast San Antonio picking up cake mix,icing and food coloring.
So once dinner was out of the way(my daughter having her popcorn shrimp likes she always ask for and my boyfriend and I making salon burgers....soooo good) I told everybody the kitchen was off limits which wasn't a problem since the spurs game was on. I mixed my cake mix and separted it into four bowls.
Started coloring them in Ultimate warrior colors orange on the bottom,yellow,pink and neon green to top it off. Baked at 400* degrees for 20-22 min.*Did the toothpick test to make sure they were ready.
I learned a few tips on how to ice the top from the youtube Nerdy Nummies.
So finally once my frosting was cooled I started working with pondent and if you don't know what that's alot like edible clay. It's a type of almond paste that can be made or bought. Comes in a million colors and can be cut,molded or designed anyway you want it. I traced with a toothpick the detail of the mask and layed it on the cupcake then I topped it off with black & while icing for the eyes. After this project I don't think I want to see another cupcake as long as I live.
It still was fun to do and I hope the judges like my entry.
As you can see everything had to have the ultimate warrior colors on it. Untitled
The plate was my mother's I had found and decided to use.
So wish me luck because I might not want to do this for awhile now heehee!

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