Friday, October 9, 2009

Hot Topic taking a cue from crafters

I don't hate Hot topic I just know you can get the same stuff for cheaper.

Two bows $8
But if you head on over and check out my friend Lucy Von Hot most of the bows are $4.Not just bows and jewelry can be sold for more but since the winter season is just around the corner. Alot of knitted or crochet items are being mass produced and over priced as well.
Instead of paying $29.99 the pattern can be found on the web for free. Head pieces like the picture below are also sold for more then $20 but with the power of the glue gun you can make it.

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Michelle said...

Someone on YouTube said that Torrid had a really good sale on hair accessories. I'm a cheapass, so I started making mine. Sometimes my cheapness battles with my laziness, however.