Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TV TIME! (part 1)

I'm guilty of watching tv while working on a project.
I sit up in bed next to my boyfriend Manuel with a few skeins of yarn working on whatever project I have to finish.
Yes I know all the hipsters out there are telling me I'm killing brain cells and numbing my mind but how else are we going to humor and entertain ourselves.
If I stand infront of the microwave or talk on a cell phone for an hour that will do more damage trust me we all can't hide from whatever will hurt us the most.
So here is a quick spin of my weekly Television diet.


You can never tell unless you walk into someones house if they are a hoarder.
Some deny it orthers admit it and have to change.
The night they show it all of my friends go crazy scrubbing walls and throwing away old papers. I have cleaned out my craft room throwing out old craft projects from when I was a pre-school teacher which takes up alot of space.
Its amazing how people will try to keep the most grosses things.

Sons of Anarchy(FX)

I'm a big fan I'm in love with Juice Ortiz. Something about a bad boy biker keeps me glued. The all star cast is amazing and I keep getting suprised by guest stars like Stephen King and Henry Rollins. I DVR every episode when not at home. I have finished many projects while watching it on the big screen.

Ugly Americans(Comedy Central)

Yes I can admit I am a 27-year-old women that watches cartoons but there is a catch. Its on comedy central and it comes on after south park. I like this show alot because if our world consist of real life monsters they would have to go through the system of everyday life like we all do. Support groups,work and relationships consume the lives of these "ugly americans" and the people around them.

Part 2 of my TV diet will come after halloween but for now I must get to cooking pasta and carving a pumpkin.

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Alexa said...

I love Hoarders too! The music makes it so creepy too! Sometimes I'm afraid i'm going to becomee one, but I don't think I'm that bad. I can resist at some point things I want to buy or collect.