Tuesday, November 16, 2010

making christmas making christmas.....plus my article on Craft test dummies.

At the moment this is a wonderful time to start making knitted or crochet items for Christmas. I had to start early in October to finish ornaments for my naked tree as well as make a christmas card list to finally catch up on making gifts.
A few years back The San Antonio Current did a wonderful article on some of the local artist and crafters in the scene that took a handmade approach to Christmas.
Since then I have been answering questions left and right about almost everything there is to know about fiber arts and tools.
I have recently teamed up with blogger craft test dummies to write an article to educate the masses that are interested in learning.
Understanding how to make certain stitches from a book is tricky and not many can learn that way. I suggest to still keep the book around and use youtube as a private tutor to make something worth giving.
This year take the handmade plegde and only buy or make handmade to give this year.

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