Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its been too long.

Hello everybody out there I know I've been a bad girl not blogging for awhile.
I had to give myself(and my hands) a break from crafting,knitting and crocheting.
With the new year I did like so many others have done before me. Make a resolution to work off the holiday bulge.
I took on the roller derby workout challegne and have lost nine pounds so far. I also plan to run the get your rear in gear 5k run. With that happening I'm about to start my first year at cosmetology school I'm super excited and nervous.Don't know what to expect but only hope it will be a great expirence.

I can never forget about the craft scene in San Antonio as well as derby which both own my heart.
My friends who use to own Sew Deluxe have now located and changed the name of there craft/sewing base to The DIY Factory.
Stop on by February 4 at 529 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78212 and sign up for classes in sewing,knitting,crocheting,silkscreening,ceramics and more.

Now onto Derby our very own Alamo city rollergirls will be having there own season opening game on March 13th at the Rollercade on 223 recoleta. Don't forgot to buy your season tickets!

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