Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sock sickness

Everytime I attended a knitting/stitch'n'bitch group there was atleast one person making a pair of socks.
Now a days I can't look through ravelry post without seeing a WIP or finished sock project.
I admire the colors and designs but I can't help think to myself its only a pair of socks. Nothing special I have many pairs and they get holes fast forcing me to chuck'em. Why bother putting time and effort into making a nice pair only to be ruin by my fly of the seat of my pants day to day hectic work/school schedule.
But thats thats my inner hater showing and I'm quite amazed how people can make them so fast and how they fit them so well.
I have only tried and failed once on sock making and need to challenge myself in this field because I can do almost everything else.
I have taken some advice from a friends husband who almost knits every pair he owns.
I must admit there are alot of neat designs for me.

So here is an attempt....wish me luck.

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