Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating Chadd Thomas

Through the years since I was old enough to sneak into clubs underage and unnotice or old enough to buy beer i've gone to shows almost every weekend. On occasion making the short trip to Austin to walk downtown and visit friends. I've grown accustom to meeting and hanging out with musicians.But in our local subculture San Antonio music scene Austin musicians would come down almost every sunday to a local downtown watering hole called the Mix to croon to the broken hearted lovesick drinkers or dance the night away with their sweetheart who strolls with her friends with a trademark flower in her hair.
I cherish these time now a days since I've gotten older,stopped smoking and slowed down my drinking (I realized I was a 21-year-old female frank the tank).
Thinking about the endless stories I have witness puts a small grin on my face.
I hold these memories in my head since I've have lost so many friends along the way who have left the party of life before me.
I was shocked a few weeks ago to find out that Chadd(Chadd Thomas & the crazy kings) was found dead under a tree on S.Congress street the victim of three altercations in the span of a night that led to his death.
My thoughts and preys go to his family,friends,bandmates and his daughter.
I remember the last time I saw him he had played a gig at a local bar on the northside of town that I was hanging out at after I had finished tabling.
We talked about our daughters and he gave me a hug as he packed up and headed back towards Austin.
The police are still looking into what had happen that final night of Chadd's life.
To help out his family a few places around Austin and The Mix are having benifit shows in his honer.

July 31st
2008 South Congress Ave. 78704
Austin, TX
Johnny Hootrock, Blue Flames, Hotrod Hillbillies, Back Porch Mary, Darren Hoff and the Hard Times, Crazy Kings Last Stand, Landshark, Amplified Heat, Modern Don Juans, The Wolftones, The Moonhowlers, Danger*Cakes, Jackson Eli, Whisky Shivers, Sunny and the Starfires and more to be announed!! Raffles, barbecue plates and much more. There will be no charge to get in the door, but bring your POCKET books, people are encouraged to donate to the Madison Rose Thomas Trust.

The Chadd Thomas Memorial BBQ and Benefit Concerts
Uncle Billy's Lake Travis
6550 Comanche Trail
Austin, Texas
July 23: Jesse Dayton, Chris Gates & Gatesville, Johnny Hootrock
July 30: Rick Broussard’s Two Hoots and a Holler, The Crazy Kings, Riuby Dee and the Snakehandlers
August 6: The Wulftones, The Octanes, Ted Roddy, Glambilly
Special guests to be announced. Hosted by Mal Thursday, who will also serve as DJ, spinning some of the great Texas rockabilly 45s that Chadd Thomas loved so much.

I promise to post more about The Mix benifit information when the times comes please try to make it out to one. For someone who has graced us with an amazing voice and gift of music we should raise a glass and honor him.

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Aggie. said...

I work at the Sunharvest on S. Lamar and our accountant who was a friend of Chadd's as he was a nightly regular at the store, got the manager to donate food, booze & all sorts of goodies.

I'm looking forward in attending at least 1 tribute.
He's greatly missed at the store by everyone.

RIP Chadd<3