Monday, November 30, 2009

Handmade gifts for guys

(Krista Moreno's holiday gift guide)

Each year I pull my hair out trying to find
something for the men in my life.
Guys are always hard to shop for or make anything for.
If you are like me that has taken the vow of the
handmade pledge. Here are some gifts for the men in
your life.

The film buff
They have almost every cult classic on dvd.
When Tarantino makes a new movie they are there
when it hits the theater.

Fight club soap

$5 for a 4oz bar
with the scent of bay rum and made with vegetable glycerin soap.

The Gamer
These type of guys have almost every game system known
to mankind. So this best bet if you are a knitter is
to knit a DS case with an old school feel.

Click here to print out chart

The Gadget geek
This person has an iphone or anything else from the apple store.
My Father falls under the category since I have been subjected to
random computers ripped open and being "fixed" into new computers.
I see where I get it from.

Hard drive clocks

$45 for two clocks made form laptop hard drives.

Every year when the Dallas Cowboys play almost every male member
of my family is glued to the love seat yelling at the tv(hence my Father as well).
So if you sew almost every fabric shop sells sport team fabric.
Make a pillow for when they lose and he can have something soft to throw at the tv.

The Boy child
For any child in the house under the age of five this is a perfect idea/gift.
To be a super hero for a day.

Supreme Superhero Princess Pack Cape Tee Mask and Gloves As seen On Good Morning America

The Music Nerd
This is the type of guy that has a massive vinly collection and is a musician or dj.

Mix tape Ninja t-shirt


So I send out all hope,help and joy to whoever reads this to have an amazing Christmas.

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