Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Five things to give your knitter or crocheter for Christmas.

Its that time of the year again...you know where you spend countless hours fighting traffic,cooking,wrapping,shopping and spending time with your family and friends opening god awful gifts. I'm not gonna lie I've gotten something almost every year that was totally not me. Birdhouses,old lady lotions and soaps you name it. It was given to me. So here is my top five things to give the fiber artists in our lives.

5.Yarn Bowl by http://knitwitch.com/

If you don't own a swift or ball winder a yarn bowl is for you.
It keeps your ball still and feeds through a small duct keeping animal hair and dirt off your yarn as you work your project.

4.Twinkie Chain's crochet goodies for fashion foodies

If you have a sweet treat but you don't wanna eat then I suggest you warm up and wear it.With How-to's on making Twinkie's signature cupcake scarf and many other sweet treat patterns that are well put together for any crocheter.
This is the pattern book of the year for you.

3.Cascade Yarns 220 Wool

If you ask anybody what the best yarn in the world is they most likely will say its Cascade Yarn 220. Soft with a vast color collection and priced from $6-$13.
A great personal yarn for your own stash or a great gift for your fellow stitch'n'bitch secret santa.

2.Knitting Zombie T-shirt $20.00

I Love Zombies and I love Knitting so lets put them on a t-shirt of a Sexy Zombie Girl knitting human guts and brains. Its a win and I'm sure to gross out my family this season.

1.Magnet Bookmark - Pattern Keeper $10

When your knee deep in a pattern you can get confused or frustrated if you lose your place or repeat the same row you just did.
With a sweet border of your choice keeping your place by magnets that sandwich the paper to insure you that you won't lose where you left off.
Two words....stocking stuffer.

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