Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adventures in garage sale valley

The Gods must have been smiling down on the people in my neighborhood last weekend because this whole week the weather has been pure nasty. Thunder,lighting and rain in non-stop motion since yesterday. So to top it off with animal/child cabin fever which is driving me crazy and the annoyance of just moping the entire house the night before only to have doofy dog and random nameless people I live with tracking in mud it looks like I will have to wait it out until I either buy new mats for the floors or it stops raining. But enough about my cleaning fopar this post is about my wonderful weekend with my significant other in our adventure in endless garage sales in our neck of the woods.
Friday: Started out like any other except Manuel had a day off and I had sent him out for tacos after I had come back from dropping off Nikki at school. Apparently on his way back Manuel started seeing garage sale signs every block he passed.
To my knowledge the neighborhood association and the city has an annual spring garage sale drive where residents don't have to pay a license fee. Hence the start of a weekend of awesomeness after we ate and hopped into our minivan.

Total plunder of the day
(1) ceramic skull(halloween decor"regular decor for me") (1) white cupboard w/towel rack(for daughter's bathroom) (1) ne how ki lan doll in box(regular price $25.99)

Saturday: On this day almost every street had a garage sale. Some even had between three/two sales on the same street. It was wonderful but the weather was crazy from going from normal cool to muggy hot(typical San Antonio weather).
Total plunder of the day
(3)purple large cooking bowls
(1)halloween skull place mat
(1)book on quilting
(1)reader's digest big book on sewing
(4) sets of crochet hooks
(1) 5xl button up shirt for my Uncle($1)
(1)hungry hungry hippos game
(1)fish game(needs batterys)
(1)orange and black zigzag afghan
(1) $3 pair of slip on vans with pink flamingos
(1)green mexican blanket for dog kennel
(1)grill brush
(1)100 foot tape measure
(1)stuff animal dog(that Nikki got for a dollar plus a book on dogs the lady gave her)
(1)giant wood coffee table with draws(which will be sanded with the rest of the furniture in a future post) $7

As you can tell Saturday was a good day. So with all the stuff we bought our next post is about all the project to come out of this one.

NOTE: I will most likely be reminded by my significant other on what other stuff we bought and will have to update through out the day.

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