Saturday, May 19, 2012

Community Garage Sale!(Battle cry)

Today was legit with Manuel trimming the giant hedge in the front. We started to get hungry so we headed out to our favorite mexican restaurant a long the way we found the new location for the farmer's market infront of the texas thift store off of 35. Bought some free range eggs since Manuel dropped mine and our dog tried to run off with one in his mouth.
A long with some tiny tomatoes for my future salad. Manuel had mentioned that there was a community garage sale in the area and he wanted to check it out since Saturdays are the main day a lot of people start selling.

Sorry Jar Jar.

beaver mug

red neck boston terrier

Total haul:
(1) pair of girls shorts $1
(1)Zhu Zhu skateboard and U-turn $3(Thanks Mom)
(1)Vintage clue game
(1)Wii gun controller
(1)air wick freshmatic with batteries
(1)dangling skull
(1)lizard tank(for our crabs...heehee) $2
and a bunch of Day of the dead banners(which I'm shocked they were at a Methodist church sale).

This weekend is for deals.

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