Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The great job search of 2012.

My graduation came and went so now my next step is to find a job. By far this is not an easy task at that. I have applied at some of the best salons and in hopes that they take pitty on my soul and hire me. The hard part is they want to see how good you are behind the chair. Everyone who attends Cosmetology school knows that this is just a minor education and that you don't really learn anything until you get out there in the field. So I am still very awkward to the whole new envoirment and work setting. Every salon is different and so are the work ethics. So in the time being I have been updating my resume and making a list of salons I want to visit and apply too once this horrible weather clears up. I had to take a week off of searching in order to get my life organized which means nuetar and spay both dogs,attend Nikki's ARD meeting,Catch up on my spring cleaning and last but not least help my Mother with her house after she got out of the hospital. But in hopes there will be some fun this weekend with my vending gig at the White Rabbit for Attack of the Art Slam the day after I will have Mother's looming over me as well as helping my Aunt with her resume. In All any good vibe coming my way is a godsend and in hopes find my ideal job.

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john said...

It's may not be easy to get a job after cosmetologycampus school but if you really had a great OJT (if you had it), you can always try the same company you had that OJT at. It is always a great stepping stone.