Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekend wrap up!

Hello all out there in Cyberland. It is I and yes I'm alive after the weekend that would never end. So let's recap shall we....

Friday: Was filled with non-stop pre-mother's day gift making and getting things ready for art slam. Staying up late baking cups & plates (actually one plate)as well as crocheting potholders.I'm a little bunted out on Star Wars for now.
Saturday: I dropped off my daughter at my Mother's house since they haven't spent anytime with each other since she got out of the hospital. My Aunt was staying over from Corpus Christi so she could fix up her resume and spend Mother's day with my Grandmother.After that we hauled butt over to our local Olive Garden to eat soup,salad and breadsticks.Almost forgetting about the time we headed out and loaded the van. Only to keep forgetting random things a long the way and turning around to get them. Keep in mind the trick to attending events is to be on time. Which we weren't :( So we managed to find a good spot.I sold almost everything except one cup and of course the plate and had way too much fun.
Sunday: was not a fun day. I woke up hungover from the $4 pabst blue ribbon in the giant cans. I'm not kidding it was like two beers in one. Once again headed out the door to my Mother's house a long the way eating tacos. Now I must clean the house,DVR Game of thrones,Print out more resumes and get ready for tomorrow. So for now I bring you pictures of Art Slam as soon as I edit my video.

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